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Flat roof Repair and Installation Dublin Roof Repairs Flat roof  Flat roof Repair and Installation Roof Repair Dublin Flat Roofs Our partner company Flat Roofs has over a century of experience in Rubber in South Dublin.

Our partner company have over a century of experience in Rubber Technology.

Flat Roofs has successfully produced and installed over 1,000 Million M² of Rubber Guard EPDM worldwide, from the cold climates of Alaska to the desert sun of the Arabian Gulf Deserts.

Flat Roofs EPDM Roofing Systems dominate the single ply market through their proven performance, durability and flexibility over a wide range of building types.

Key features & benefits of using EPDM:

  • Flat roofs are durability and longevity
  • Free from plasticizers
  • Unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures with our Flat roofs
  • Life expectancy of more than 50 years plus
  • Quick and easy installation usually within 3 days
  • High flexibility and elongation materials
  • Low-life cycle costs no maintenance
  • EPDM Flat roof material can be Mechanically fixed, fully bonded and ballasted.
  • Garage Flat Roof Repairs
  • Exterior Building Roof Repairs

We are the roofing pros for anything that need a solid, low cost roof

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